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"To Do" lists! - Top Tips

From Dr. Mike Meredith

*WHEN TO MAKE A TO DO LIST: when you have several concerns/desires on your mind at once - use "To Do!" lists to FREE UP YOUR MENTAL ATTENTION and PRIORITISE.

*KEEP YOUR LISTS HANDY! So you can add to them, or subtract from them, constantly as you go through each day.

*MAKE MORE THAN ONE LIST, IF... the list becomes depressingly or impractically long e.g. separate shopping list from home-based list, calendar list and workplace list;

*EMOTIONAL CLEARING: If the list is important - or you are under pressure, stressed or miserable - Do at least 1 Emotional Clearing Practise before or after making your list.... Frustration, Anxiety, Depression and other toxic emotions will block you from being discerning and discriminating in a) what goes into your list and b) how you prioritise items;

*INCLUDE HEALTHY & UPLIFTING items such as... Take a short walk in garden, park or countryside, Dance, Sing, Chat/connect/share, Pray, Meditate, Laugh, Hug someone or something [pet, tree, cuddly toy, your latest payslip!] - not just "I must!", "I should!", "I have to!";

*Ensure a balance of both creative and destructive things in order to avoid creative/productive blocking or burnout [see "Emotional Detox" course for fun ways to do this!];

*INCLUDE!... delegation and getting help/support aspects of any task coming up;

*INCLUDE!... some 'learn/grow/do something differently' items in your daily, weekly and monthly to do lists;

*EACH TASK should have a big red asterisk beside it with a reminder note at the bottom saying " * Improve relationship!". What this means is that every task is an OPPORTUNITY to improve our relationship with ourself or others. Seeing every "Doing" as an opportunity for "Being" [better connected] provides an uplift in our spirit and ensures that next time that task comes around it will be easier and more pleasant. "Ruthless practicality" is a downward spiral of energy, efficiency and effectiveness!!

*PRIORITISE!! - At the L side of each item leave 2 narrow columns. In column 1, place a 'tick' if the item is IMPORTANT has clear practical & detrimental consequences if not done!] and an 'X' if it is only about SELF-IMAGE or PEOPLE-PLEASING. In column 2, place a 'tick' if the item is URGENT [there is REALLY only a brief time-window in which it can be done] and an 'X' if it is only 'feels' urgent!

*Give each item in your list a number and at the top write: "Order of Completion! : " list first the numbers of the items with 2 ticks, then next the items with only 1 tick, followed by the items with no ticks!

*Remember that all activities that boost self-centering, self-clearing, health & wellbeing are IMPORTANT! ....and if you become stressed, forgetful or inefficient they have now become URGENT!

*LEAVE SOME THINGS UNDONE!! (turned out that they were not that important, OR other people should be doing them, OR the time/my energy just not right)... Doing everything on your list means that you are obsessive/compulsive/neurotic!!!!!!



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