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Suitable for age 9 upwards - No skill or Experience Necessary
Drums & Rattles on Free Loan - Full Instruction & Support

De-Stress!   Express Yourself!   Engage Your Life Force!

Wellbeing Drumming & Tribal Dancing Events Cambridge UK

Drumming Circle Events & Workshops Cambridge Cambridgeshire UK

Rhythmic drumming, especially when accompanied by chanting & movement, has the power to calm, center, lift depression, release anger and stress emotions, boost the immune system, enhance health and stress-resistance.

Co-creative group-drumming builds self-confidence & self-esteem + a stronger sense of connectedness to oneself [self-integration] + others [teambuilding]
Drumming helps us to experience being in harmony with the natural rhythms of life and helps us to release negative feelings, energy blocks and emotional trauma. Drumming brings you more fully into the present moment [mindfulness training] and provides a medium for individual spontaneity, creativity & self-realization

Co-creative drumming flows best and benefits most when the whole body is involved, so we include some native circle dances drawn from the Celtic, Native American, Hawaiian or Maori traditions.

Bring a frame drum if you can, otherwise drums available on free loan.

To Buy or Make your own Drum, see: Local Drum-maker

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