Forage Wild Edibles

4 x Tuesday Evenings Course: May 3rd–24th, 2022, 7pm-9pm

Swavesey Village College, Cambridgeshire, CB24 4RS





Suitable for Beginners or Improvers






Led by: Michael J. Meredith BSc, MA,BVetMed


“A very practical course with emphasis on wild foods that are available locally at this time of year”


Connect with Nature + Low-Cost, Healthy Eating!


We evolved to eat a wide-range of fresh and organic wild plants and fungi rather than a limited range of artificially-grown foodstuffs…


Wild plants and fungi are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, fibre, plus bioactive ‘functional food’ molecules like flavonols, xanthophylls and β-Glucans.



Wild food foraging is a great way to get outdoors and learn, smell and taste more about our fantastic range of local wild foods!


This course is focussed on local Late Spring/Early Summer edibles


Health & Safety are paramount considerations in this course so we will be covering important ways to keep safe when foraging and consuming wild foods, including recognising some local poisonous plants that foragers – and countryside users in general - need to be well aware of.


BRING WITH YOU: a bottle of water plus a cup in case you want to sample some wild herb teas and soups.




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